Getting ready for leaning & meaning production
After running our upholstery for 10 years our Danka is getting ready for her new job? leaning + meaning production.
For this we sent her on some tours; visiting cities, trainings but also to top hotels to get inspired. One of her 1st stops? the flashing blow-up Hotel in Poznan.
Moments in Amsterdam
As Yask we find inspiration in cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Our feeling says better a city trip than a boring visit to an exhibition that shows the same as 10 years ago.
Last week we traced a "steeg" in Amsterdam with the same colours we use for our Newsletter. Not strange because we love Ams.
BG's dining chair-pure factory design
How deep is your love..?
Brand your own chair, pretty and comfy together.
The BG's chair is not only available in wood, steel or upholstered. Now Yask Factory offers the possibility to brand the wooden or metal backrest with your logo, slogan or portrait. Too much Heaven..?
Bella on top of Bella in Milan
The end of March and the beginning of April was about getting ready for three special Night Events in Milan that took place between 13th ? 15th April in Sofa Garden, a restaurant we turned into Milan Yask Hub got a complete make-over thanks to our beautiful furniture and accessories. The centrepiece of all the events was Syl who hosted the American Night in a real Hollywood-like style, leading the event from the top of the Bella Maisa and attracting a great deal of interest from our much stunned audience. Conquering one of the European fashion capitals from the top of our Bella Maisa was truly entertaining?
Wonderful guests from Switzerland
On Wednesday, May 4th, we had the pleasure of having our wonderful guests from Switzerland over in Yask factory. They were amazed not only by our staff and Chief Rebel, Ronald but also by the beautiful furniture we make. Such a great time - thank you!!!
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