Newsletter No 1 / 05.05.2015


Different from many others, Yask is a truly vertically integrated company; from forest to delivery, hence transparency and responsibility are what we believe in and not just the marketing of the day.

Over the last years we have set up a complete tracing system. Here you can see exactly which certified forest your tree came from. 

See on page 7 how environmentally respectful, economically appropriate, socially beneficial and viably green a company can be…


Yask is now starting the most involving reset ever. Going for bold, yet not brash, Pure and personal, not clinical. Accepting new distribution channels but not at all removing from our key position as truly vertically integrated producer of private lines.


Introducing three new websites covering all aspects of the new Yask; the “World of Yask” as umbrella, “My Yask” to show our own bold choices and “Yask Factory” for the co-creation of private lines and projects. On top of this, we introduce “Trackable Tree”; a world first in tracing and tracking the source of your handmade item.


Frankly, we don’t see the point in making all these investments without setting clear targets; we want to trigger you every month with sparkling new designs, giving you and our associates the tool to co-create on a large scale private lines suitable for your specific market and demands.

Visit, and

2015-06-05  WORLD OF YASK

Special about Yask is that it is really international. It is bridging the diversity, accepting and loving all what makes people unique. 

Yask is a true melting pot of cultures and qualities.

On the clients’ side we cover top retail chains in the USA but also challenging visionaries in London. The staff is dominated by powerful ladies (we need a male quota..) and business wise Yask is combining the strong labour pool in Poland with the famous Dutch ‘early bird’ approach and Swiss precision in planning and IT.

The World of Yask is pure, not clinical !

2015-06-05  THE DNA OF MY YASK

Something a little different, leaving a twinkle in your eye. Made with passion and showing the uniqueness. Bold in look, organic in feel, functional in design. For those who prefer uniformity unlikely to satisfy. Yask customers tend to be individuals. Made for leaders rather than followers.

2015-06-05  OUR FINGER PRINT.

At Yask we love nature with all its uniqueness and imperfections. We do not believe in trying to refine this to clinical perfection.What’s more, nature deserves to be custom made only.


This all you will see in the fingerprint that shows our DNA. Not a big industrial footprint, but all small and lovely, Personal in making and handling Yask is based in beautiful Engadin, Switzerland. From here marketing, development and IT are boosted


Because Glynn and his partner started realizing their dream of a home hotel in Mallorca we decided in good cooperation that the new set of things for Yask is also the best occasion to accelerate the change in the UK homemarket. 

Our Syl will take over the job of Glynn in the UK per May, 2015. With her ambition and long production practice she is eager to be your dedicated relationship manager. 

In the Nordic we had Sebastian Bohmer - whom we knew from Ilva – working for Yask for about a year. Now after resetting Yask we are looking here for a fresh associate, eager to spread our believes of personalized business, pure designs and committment.Interested?

E-mail us at

2015-06-05  my YASK vs YASK factory

Although Yask has always been at the forefront in many aspects, building our own brand hasn’t been a major point for us. What’s more; doing private label production often requires the real hidden approach. 

But this all must change now since social media and full transparency set new levels. We have transformed ourselves into a fresh and ambitious set of things with the place for the new and respect for the existing. The “existing” will go on as Yask Factory; here co-creation and themaking stays crucial including the hidden role with clients clearly in the lead. 

The “new” is My Yask and is more or less the opposite of Yask Factory. Here we aren’t afraid to show online our own believes and choices regarding design, pricing and marketing. The cooperation with partners is close and the Yask fingerprint clearly visible.


One of the most spectacular deliveries was recently in St. Moritz. Yask was supplying the El Paradiso located on 2,181 metres above sea level. It is called “close the Heaven” due to its superb location and service.


In bigger cities as London and Paris we are used to the fact that our fat trucks would not come through so we use vans. But here vans, even not 4WD, would survive. So we had to find other solutions.


Together with the Paradiso team a chopper delivery was arranged. A full truck load of items was re-grouped into ready to lift bunches of items and transported in the air to this close to heaven location. See the spectacular pictures on our site:


""""  """"



As Yask is a real melting pot, Switzerland itself has with its 4 languages some multi-culti aspects as well. In the part we live with our 4 kids the language is Romansh. Recently I was telling them about the plan to make a really fat table. Not just 5 or 6 metres but the real “wow” with about 14 metres to seat 60 persons ! The sourcing, the cutting, the transport, the drying, the making; all are superlatives.


So I asked the kids how to name this massive table because it is not just great, fat or big. It is much more. Then our youngest daughter Liza (10) said “Bella Maisa” It is not only Romansh for a bizarre table but ‘bella” is also a worldwide word for something fantastic, and that’s exactly what it is.The Bella Maisa is for sale, for rent and can be joined during the London show Super Brands in September or in the ChillyHub.

2015-06-05  SYL’S YOURNAL

Thrilled about all new models in the making I’d love to lift a little corner of the veil. Just showing some snapshots, telling some stories about our new launches. Please be aware not all will be launched at once and some details are still perfected or may change slightly after testing.

my Cool Slicy (April)
An incredible lightness of being, elegant, straight and less is more In clean red oak, a true cool statement Possible to add all kinds of options without getting over the top


my Bella Z-hocker my (April)
All Bella pieces are made of single fat boards, so is this one Light looking yet full solid wood, with roughedge Stunning joints, great look, easy in use Go online; available now


my Fat Flooring (April) 
We start where others stop. Incredible sizes up to 500 cm length and 50 cm width Engineered construction, suitable for floorheating


my Twisted Beauty (May)
Combining the simplicity of a smooth top with the complexity of a twysted base The ideal family man – steady, mild, honest and beautiful Available with many options to personalize.


my My Bella Maisa (April)
The memorable experience; impressive, unique and showing over 100 years of existence. A single fat board table, to seat 10 till 50. Available with many options.


my Blockbuster(June)
Just the power of straight forms makes this design a “Sir” Clean metal inserts in U-shaped legs complete the image – pure, chic and dazzling Regular, fat, extra fat boards with natural wild coloured finishes including the new ginger oak


my MY Greek Tycoon (July)
A different set of things, rather an “object d’art” Bold presence while the grain, texture and detailling are the key Able to create your own living setting with a fully flexible leg arrangement


my Winetower (April)
The same set of values; designed solid presence to store beauties in bottles Enjoy the look, enjoy the taste Available now to store 12 or 24 bottles, with several options in finishes and metal base


my Fat Slicy (August)
Bringing home a real piece of nature is the heart of this design Bold in look, organic in feel, curious in detail Fingertip control to position the slices where you want them




The traditional postcard you got with this mailing plays the major role in our communication. Bold, organic and functional. With a typical clearness new launches are presented on the front. Handwritten to make clear that we love the pure and personal approach. The A5 card is not only green but also an easy give-away


In his metal department Krystoph is the big boss. No matter if it’s welding, bending or laser cutting on blue steel, copper or aluminium – all can be performed. A very special project was made recently. All desk tops for a big office project were made of bullet oak with pewter. Really amazing to see how the natural wood cracks were filled accurately. A superb look was the result.


 These challenges Krystoph loves most. The individual finishing but also the research of finding proper solutions for invisible parts. “The more difficult the better I feel about it”

2015-06-05  NEXT EDITION ON AUG. 15TH

The next World of Yask Newsletter will highlight the prominent position of Yask during the London Design Festival in September, 2015 when joining the Super Brands show Will also include a special about the making and handling of our 14 meters long Bella Maisa. Last but not least we’ll report about the first launching partner of My-Yask in London area, David Salmon Furnishers.

2015-06-03  NEW NANO TOPCOAT

Besides our actual topcoat we have a new finish partly based on nano technology. We call it the Nano Topcoat

The feeling is extreme soft; it is almost fully transparent and very water resistant. Although it is more expensive than the standard topcoat we strongly advise this new technology in areas with heavy use and/or traffic from outdoor.

2015-06-05  IT, OUR BACKBONE

Looking at Yask from a certain distance there is no doubt that IT in combination with our state-of-the-art facilities are the backbone of our business. 

In fact fingerless control was from the beginning the key for all that made Yask. With offering custom made furniture we had to handle thousands of combinations. 

About 12 years ago this and more, was not really a standard. Now it probably is, but we will accelerate again and set new dimensions. 


Like in the automotive business most of new designs will come with plenty of options. You can not only choose the size and finish but also select out of almost limitless options. 


For example the slices; you simply choose the slice you want, drag it to the selected item and position it on the table top or sideboard front where you want it.. 


Robert, our IT officer made this all happen Setting new milestones is his DNA and we are proud to have him on board


Already from the very beginning Yask has implemented a unique and natural Kiln-Smoking process that, unlike surface staining penetrates deep into the wood and will produce a rich random finish with a glorious mix of shades.


Now we have developed a new one; the “smoked choco” It is stunning deep dark brown look that may contrast sharply with the white sapwood when boards with natural edges are used. 


Beatiful to decorate Unable to copy


Especially with the Scandinavian market in mind, we’ve developed a new oil finish. Lighter than the traditional oil, but still pure natural oil. 


It shows a white milky tint, so we call it “Milky Oil” As with all oak and/or pure oil finishes; some changes in colour are likely over time



New Yask will not grow its business by making all that’s already on the furniture market better, q icker or cheaper. Yask will accelerate by doing it different; naturally different




Most Yask products will get an online configurator. Fingertip control to customize your item. Step by step you may define size, finish and options. It ends with a 3D view of your personalized item, including price & leadtime



All Yask products are grouped into 3 categories: City, Contemporary or Chunky. The arrow on the visual indicates what you may expect. The text defines the product and offers alternatives if you are not yet ready for it.



As Yask is a real melting pot, Switzerland itself has with its 4 languages some multi-culti aspects as well. In the part we live with our 4 kids the language is Romansh. Recently I was telling them about the plan to make a really fat table. Not just 5 or 6 metres but the real “wow” with about 14 metres to seat 60 persons ! The sourcing, the cutting, the transport, the drying, the making; all are superlatives.


So I asked the kids how to name this massive table because it is not just great, fat or big. It is much more. Then our youngest daughter Liza (10) said “Bella Maisa” It is not only Romansh for a bizarre table but ‘bella” is also a worldwide word for something fantastic, and that’s exactly what it is.The Bella Maisa is for sale, for rent and can be joined during the London show Super Brands in September or in the ChillyHub.



Yask was from the beginning my love baby but for some time it went more and more on the remote control. For the good staff at Yask and the steady flow it was probably a good thing that the little rebellion in me was on at certain distance and investing in opportunities elsewhere. 


Till last Xmas.. with our family we decided to spend holidays not at home in Switzerland but in the rural Poland. Walking through the deep forest, meeting some factory people in private and “smelling” the potential there gave me the immediate twinkle again. 


A boost of energy to pull Yask out of the steady but safe control of very dedicated managing staff into the keen rebel it was originally built for. I booked immediately 20 return flights to spend a lot of time with our skillfull workers with golden hands. I wanted the cheeky sparkle back in all aspects. 

Now as spring is in the air I can see the first punches of shiny light in products, people and plans again. The “Rebel” is back, all love to dance again, of course with a bit of structure to keep staff happy.


Ronald, belives that every successful company needs to have at least 3 edges, be (naturally) different, have the drive for innovation and typical ways to communicate its story.

With our designs and state-of-the-art facilities we have always been in a good position to cover the first 2. Meaning, Yask has been known for its remarkable and high quality products. However, as a ‘hidden factory’ with private labels, our own message has not been communicated well enough.

Now it is time to change this all and focus on branding ourselves. For that we need showplaces too. However, we do believe that showing equals entertaining. Not passive looking but active feeling and tasting

Chillyhub is designed to be a meeting place to wine and dine. Although gastro is rather crucial, it will be outsourced. Our real asset is the immediate response how people test, taste and track Yask products.

Again a bit hidden, but that might be the typical Yask identity to discover ... Let’s not forget we want to show ideas and inspire you to co-create with us. The 1st hub will open at the end of this year; www

2015-06-05  MONIKA DID IT ...

Monika (38) was one of the first to understand the power of social media and has had a huge track record in that field. Yask did get her on board a year ago to boost a "new" Yask in the widest possible context. She tells now how she had to put all on hold before pressing the ‘start’ button again.

Time flies...
Yes, it’s been a year now since I started to work with Yask. Lots of hard learnt lessons and 
splendid ideas from some gurus made me believe that I was able to move mountains.


Were you ?
Yask has always been a ‘hidden factory’. In all aspects, although equipped with state-of-the-art 
facilities. I have been to a lot of saw mills and timber processing companies in the last 10 years 
but what I saw at Yask was really impressive. And that has always been our strength – our ability 
to make perfectly customised items on a big scale.

However, what struck me immediately afterwards was the huge gap in marketing. There were no tools, 
no pictures, no online presence at all.My first thought was; “What a waste! They are doing 
beautiful thingshere but no one knows about that. Spending tons of money on shows withno follow 
ups. What the heck is going on in here?! “


First reaction ? 
Well, what we did first was freeze all activities like shows. That was pointless to go to Stockholm 
or Paris with bare hands. It might sound funny but being hidden for so long, Yask had barely 
invested in its own brand identity. First decision was to split production facilities with its 
private label and the ‘new Yask’ showing ideas and its own DNA. Talking about DNA, we came to 
realise that Yask has always been kind of a Rebel. A bit unruly and untamed, always ‘ Naturally 
Different’ and strange enough with a huge IT structure. I think it’s this unique multi-culti 
environment that should take credit for that ‘kid’ ! 

So what has been done so far? 
For months we’ve been working on the tools to show this split, the diversity of Yask. This 
newsletter is the beginning of the campaign disclosing these new tools, both online like websites 
but also trucks and new facilities. Most important, we have promised ouselves and the outside world 
that we’re going to launch a new model every month!

Is it done yet?
Rome wasn’t built in one day. We are determined to do that right and thoroughly and yes, it’s going 
to take some time.

Any shows on the horizon? 
Definitely. We’re joining ‘Super Brands’ during the London Design Festival in September and are 
planning some major shows in 2016. I can honestly say we are ready for that now. ‘BETTER starts 
NOW’ .



An updated housestyle showing our believes and DNA highlighted in our typical Yask fingerprint 

Introducing the “World of Yask” covering our believes

Launching 5 brand new websites: - the umbrella function initiated from our Swiss Chasa Yask. – the link to our PL factory with a handy Lookbook to give a glimpse of most that 

has been made before. - the extra mile in branding our own choices; pure not clinical – the memorable experience in outlets and online complimens. – a world first in showing how transparent and responsible a company can be


Regular hardcopy Newsletters to clients, prospects, suppliers etc. to show our movements/engagement 

and activities on a wide scale

Weekly inhouse Newsflashes to communicate the way we are going to our inner circle with active blog function to create instant reply/ for immediate feedback 

Shows: 3 most influential show spots in the pipeline with London ‘Super Brands’ in September 2015 
as starter 

Launches: 9 product launches planned for 2015 

Showplaces: end of 2015 opening

Next event


takes place from

23-27 / 10 / 2018