Newsletter No 2 / 15.09.2015

2015-09-21  She will be in London too...

The “Bella Maisa” will show up during the SuperBrands show
She will be 45 ft long, seat 50 persons and weigh more than 1,000 kg.
“Bella Maisa” is her name and by far more than 150 years old.

Traditionally bold is the tone of voice at Yask. For sure this goes for the enormous 

table and the stand at the SuperBrands London 2015, September 24th - 27th. 
She is the longest single-board table Yask has ever made.
The sourcing, the cutting, the transport, the drying, the making; all are extremes.

Real Yask
At Yask we love nature with all its uniqueness and imperfections. 
Also it is our passion to create stunning products. 
We do not believe in trying to refine this to clinical perfection.

The Bella Maisa fits to this in every single aspect.
What’s more, she is our leading product, our Top of the tops. She shows how 

environmentally respectful, economically appropriate, socially beneficial and viable 

green a company can be!

“Bella Maisa”
The “Bella Maisa” was invented by Liza (10) .
As Yask is already a real melting pot, Switzerland itself has with its 4 languages 

some multi culti aspects as well.  In the part Ronald lives with its family (4 kids) 

the language is Romansh.

When telling them about the plan to make this really fat table to show in London it 

was our youngest daughter Liza who said;’ “ahh, a Bella Maisa!” . 
It is not only Romansh for a bizarre table but “bella” is also a worldwide word for 

something fantastic, and that’s exactly what it is.

2015-09-21  Celebrating at London Super Brands

After almost 2 years of not attending shows Yask starts a new tour joining major shows in a sparkling new outfit. The “World of Yask” will lauch during SuperBrands London followed by IMM Cologne in January 2016. Here we will show up in Hall 2.2

In our new World there will be more focus on areas, people and products; because sources are limited and passion is more than just pressing a button. 
It is all about sharing believes.

2015-09-21  We do what the industry cannot do...

When buying an item you might want to know the history. 
Because there is so much valuable to tell we can even show you the origin of the log.

From the moment the trees are cut in the forest they all get an individual number.  At every stage of the process we can trace the full history of every single board of this log.
Via the batch # printed on the label you can easily trace the forest on the map, look for its specifications and often download pictures and details of the logs when cut.

We believe this service shows you the extra mile we want to go. ... a world first !

2015-09-23  Our believes...

Preaching our believes helps us focus on relationships rather than a single order input. Our ideas may help customers to value uniqueness and co-creating. There must be place for the pure and personal in an online world.

We love nature and being natural, no clinical perfection. So let’s show the pureness in a product and the human factor in all aspects.

Up to us nature deserves the making of customized items only; why must a tree grow for centuries to end up in many of similar items?

We also believe in the benefits of going the extra mile; insourcing rather than outsourcing, providing excellent facilities for employees and make clients feel special. 

2015-09-23  The sparkling studio

At Yask Studio we want to trigger you every month with new ideas.
Often based on the famous Dutch early bird approach.  In fact unusual choices in branding pure Yask. 

A pure Yask product is bold in look, organic in feel, functional in design.  Something a little different, triggering the twinkle in your eye.

And the same goes for our people. We love to be bold, yet not brash, pure not clinical.

At Yask we believe that the uniqueness of nature deserves the real personal approach. Hence, we do custom-made items only with a small team of very dedicated partners.

Soon we will start with the first 2 Yask Studio partners in England. Leaders rather than followers, sharing Yask passion and values.

2015-09-23  Bella@YaskStudio

Different from the usual steplessly sized Yask products, with the Bella Maisa there is a different story. Her uniqueness, beauty and fat sizing makes that we have to respect each board individually.

Based on the origin - we will show the trackable tree details always upfront - her specific DNA such as size, knots, splits is translated into a unique set of things. The top is sanded just slightly, where necessary traditional wooden knots are added, open knots are repaired by hand but the random splits, stripes and colour differences are left alone as crucial aspects of her pure beauty.

The base exists in 4 metal legs in the Y-form. Based on your personal wishes the blue steel can be powder coated even copperized.

Baby Bella’s
With all this in mind the pricing is not stepless but for the total picture. However, for those who fell in love with the Bella Maisa but cannot place her we have created the possibilities of a Baby Bella. Sharing one unigue fat top in 2 or more. It works the way that you decide for a specific top, choose which part you want.  For the remaining part Yask Studio will find yet another lover.

2015-09-23  New milestones in stepless sizing / The personaliser

To handle the thousands of combinations for custom made production is a piece of cake for us; now we are going to accelerate in this field.
Stepless sizing will come now with almost limitless options.

At Yask Studio all new items will come with a configurator to show all possibilities instantly, including price, 3D view and print.
It works easily
Search the model
Define the size (stepless)
Choose a finish for the top
The same goes for the base
Add options
Mention your leadtime
Make a print or add the outcome to your drawings

Easy in use
Splendid to give away, triggering the twinkle.

2015-09-23  syl’s yournal

Thrilled about all new models in the making I’d love to lift a little corner of the veil.  Just showing some snapshots, telling some stories about our new launches. Please be aware not all will be launched at once and some details are still perfected or may change slightly after testing. 
For more info please mail me


My Jetty

My Jetty proudly boasts  smooth top with irregular edges where boards are lining up like a wooden pier over blue surface waters, rustic looks of boards takes you back to ‘good old-times’, maybe some Sunday lunch in a back garden under an apple tree Yask DNA can be rough at times but our attention to the detail never fails


MY Mum’s Chair

My Mum’s Chair will always be a mum’s chair, always most comfortable, most beautiful and most of everything you so love about going back to your Mum ’s, ultimate combination of a soft rounded seat, greatly shaped back rest - you will love it 


MY HillyBilly

My HillyBilly sofa brings you a bold statement  from Yask, it’s ritzy style with all its comforts, high backrest will make your sofa day unforgettable, its amazing design completes any interior, be it home or office, sit down, think deep, breathe and relax for higher motivation levels


2015-09-23  Our designers

Although Yask Factory is used to co-create with all kind of visionairs, developers and designers we have our own people co-designing the Yask Studio items. 

Both persons are extremes in many aspects. 
He, the tall early bird, bold in design, functional in thinking and out of the box.
She, the beautiful fresh flower, delicate with less-is-more design and structured.


Name: Juan
Nationality: Dutch (World citizen)
Living: Haarlem - NL
Believes: Open minded / Vegetarian

Education: Architecture /  Autodidact
Practice: 14 years of interior design in Projects & Musea
Yask fan: since 2007 several major designs and projects, recently My Jetty.



Name: Urszula
Nationality: Polish
Living: Warsaw - PL
Believes: beautiful but useful
Education: Academy of Fine Arts Krakow 
Practice: 4 years of product design
Yask fan: since 2012 several designs and projects, recently My Mums chair.



Name: Yask ID 
Nationality: Multi-Culti; Dutch, Swiss
Living: Sent - CH
Believes: Pure, not clinical
Education:  all except the usual
Practice: 15 years of great ideas to top retailers
Yask fan: since date of Birth


2015-09-23  Ronald’s great little point

Now that the U-turn at Yask from big-bigger towards pure-passion starts to be visible I can clearly see that great little point that makes it happen. It is the benefit of going the extra mile. 

Not because we all have so much time available or want to double check all aspects. No, it is “keen satisfaction” realizing the the best result with what you can do!

“By the way”,...this is not only in business but also in private. With a family of 4 kids  some of them really want to challenge the world. And it is inspiring to try to follow them in their views and ideas.
Our oldest decided for an IB school; although some well-known Swiss schools are closeby I travelled with him half Europe to end up in London near the airport I often use. But going all these miles was worth doing so. Now we are satisfied.

And the same goes for our clients and our products. Already the parcel, but also the driver, the truck, the paperwork all must show that great little point. That little twinkle in the eyes will give all the power to win the match. 
Let’s trigger the twinkle by going the extra mile!


2015-09-23  Rebellious...

“Better to visit a Creative Capital than a furniture show in Paris or Koln”.

Creative spots like Amsterdam, Copenhagen etc. have so much to explore that it is worth to visit these places at least once a year.  When lack of time; skip your planned furniture show visit; in these cities there is much more to learn than in hall 8 or 10. 
In fact very close to our belief that furniture showing equals entertaining. 

2015-09-23  Yask 2.0; experience Ymotion

He founded Yask 15 years ago and boosted real customized production on a large scale as one of the first in the business. IT as backbone for a furniture factory was something new.

Now Ronald Jacobs - “Chief Rebel” - wants to go a different direction.  Not the big-to-bigger, industrial footprint anymore but a small, lovely fingerprint showing the pure and personal approach. It’s down to getting the band back together. But in fact it is about sharing passion and  “moments of enjoying” powered by Yask.

The  “World of Yask”
Although at the forefront and “rebellious” in many aspects - customizing, green, female staff,  multi-culti and more -Yask has always been a bit hidden. No huge brand aspirations, just focusing on state-of-the-art private label production.
This changes now!  We have transformed ourselves into an ambitious set of things with the place for the new and equal respect for the existing. 

Call it the “World of Yask”.
It is really international, bridging the diversity, accepting and loving all what makes people and products unique. A true “melting pot” of cultures and qualities. 

On the clients’ side we cover top retail chains in the USA but also challenging visionaries in London. The staff is awfully ambitious combining the strong labour pool in Poland with the famous Dutch ‘early bird’ approach and Swiss precision.

On the product side we do not want stock or a catalogue with standard models. We love the challenge coming every month with fresh concepts and ideas to brand solutions together with Architects, Retailers and Visionaries.

To share this in reality we decided to develop some crazy spaces in Engadin. ChillyHub, ChillyRock and ChillyCamp are planned to be “more than cool”... Cosy “moments” highlighting handwork, local traditions and honesty.
The World of Yask...naturally different !

2015-09-23  Packaging with a smile

When a customer gets a Yask item the chills of satisfaction should start when the parcel arrives. For Yask Studio we start with new packaging; white on top with a twinkle on the sides. 
In fact, packed like a book with a 3 cm overhang on 3 sides.

This simple yet functional design plays the trick - the carton can only be positioned in one position - exactly how we want it to go. 

2015-09-21  GURU Juan about ChillyHub 2.0

Why 2.0 ?...
Well, in the end we were not so happy with the first edition of the Hub in Sent, The outside was maybe pretty ok but the inside was too much of the same. It was not stunning enough because it was a kind of new kid born out of just a one night love.. 

Not real love ? 
It is a real passion now but the basic idea of the hub was nothing more than a joke from Ronald after a dinner with some locals. There was no real philosophy or what Ronald calls the “extra mile” was missing. The concept started growing when the production was running but then it was too late to change the colours of the babyroom.

Was it blue for a boy or pink for a girl..?
Hmmm.. difficult to say, but I am afraid it was grey. Again the real mission and approach started to colour the picture later and that’s why we are happy with Hub 2.0 now.
Sounds remarkable ...
Well, basically Yask is a bit of a rebellious brand. In the beginning we had as Yask real eye-catching designs and marketing tools but later it was the attention to state-of-the-art production and handling all orders that overshadowed this twinkle in the approach. But the rebel is back.

Yesss. Yask is best when it can use its qualities and power to develop things from the scratch. Just optimizing production starts to be an overcrowded place but creating or co-creating is our real added value. Strange but true but for Hub 2.0 we didn’t listen that much to the world outside. It is truly our own believe.

So that’s the reason we see the typical “Old Delft blue” tiles in Engadin now?
My typical Dutch tiles will obviously be a true “love-hate” issue Let’s say ‘good for the social traffic’... The Hub 2.0 is not made to meet the average; it is not grey.  We want something different. Trigger the twinkle!

2015-09-21  Squads at Yask Factory

To co-create unique concepts you need a “hidden” factory. Listening and making the things you want rather than having huge marketing aspirations.
With design, IT, and State-of-the-Art facilities in wood, steel and upholstery under one roof, Yask Factory is in best position to be such a solid partner.

To increase the benefits of short lines and thinking out of the box we changed the organisation in our factory. Away with the classical top-down structure with 3 or 4 levels but now a flat 2 level end-to-end structure. Giving more space to initiatives and more responsibility to the “bosses” of each squad.

Despite all are equal we still appreciate our Kitchen boss most. Attention to the detail and satisfaction start with good food, fresh clothing, perfect workspace, clean toilets and open communication.
Feeling great about Yask Factory is than a piece of cake.

2015-09-23  MY Dutch Desk.. new STATEMENTS

In our view the future belongs to small and specialized bodies working together rather than big corporations with their rules and procedures. Individuality rather than fixed structures. 

With this in mind we started developing a range of new-office furniture.
Of course the traditional functionality with sit-stand options, storage spaces, sockets and more but in a different look. 
At Yask we believe that the specialized teams want to show their DNA also by special looking furniture. Pure wood with bold steel rather than the slicky but universal “corporate” desk.

The first 200 Dutch desk-workstations were placed at NRC in Amsterdam.
Now we want to expand the range and accelarate from Aberdeen till Zurich.

2015-09-23  Daniel, our new “Art” associate

He really loves cartoons and designing cartoons. Since last May he’s joined Yask.

Daniel (40) is a professional in graphic design with a lot of practice in the printing industry and a really talented multi screen wizard with all kind of graphics.

Daniel is proud of his 3 kids and wife, they are keen on country-style holidays with no Internet connection and scare mobile range, he enjoys taking photos of the suprise-in-the-making, he captures the moment perfectly. 

Although Yask is not a logic step in his career he simply felt in love with the multi-culti atmosphere and with his “easy cartoon” approach he is adding another dimension to Yask.

2015-09-23  What are you doing Lukasz?

Lukasz is the big boss in our CNC department. Although he himself joined several international courses he prefers to coach his staff himself in daily practice. No expensive trips abroad but learning by doing.

Since ICT was crucial for Yask from the very beginning fingertip control and CNC machineries are ‘standard’ for a long time already. At the moment we started our Austrian machine partner was even without local service staff so we had to do - in good Yask tradition - all ourselves. 

For 2016 we want to accelerate, both in metal and wood working with the newest available technics. This is exactly what Lukasz likes. “The more challenging it is the better I feel about it”

2015-09-23  Next Edition January 15th

The next World of Yask Newsletter is planned shortly before the IMM show in Cologne.

Besides a spectacular new booth design we will introduce new Yask Studio  designs. Also an interview with another Yask Studio partner in the London area; Mark of Station Furniture

Next event


takes place from

23-27 / 10 / 2018