Newsletter No 3 / 15.01.2016

2016-01-15  IMM Cologne January 18 - 24, She will show up too...

About 14 metres long, able to seat 50 persons and with the weight of over 1,000 kg.
“Bella Maisa” is her name and by far more than 250 years old.

Traditionally bold is the tone of voice at Yask.
For sure this goes for the enormous table; she is the longest single-board table Yask has ever made.
The sourcing, the cutting, the transport, the drying, the making; all are extremes!
At Yask we love nature with all its uniqueness and imperfections. 
Also it is our passion to create stunning pieces.
We do not believe in trying to refine this to clinical perfection.

The Bella Maisa fits to this in every single aspect.
What’s more, she is our leading product, our Top of the tops.

2016-01-15  Getting the band back together First ‘mover’ Darek returns to Yask

Darek, the real hands-on leader and one of the very first at Yask Factory at the end of the nineties, is in fact the big booster of the start-up at Yask at that moment. Growing from 5 till over 100 in just a few years time was his job, even organizing the shows from Moscow till New York. In 2008 he left the factory, end of 2015 he came back!

You were one of the founders; why did you leave?
Well, we made a marvellous trip from zero to hero in the shortest time with great sales in Scandinavia, UK, USA and more, and an order flow we could never handle. We had a crew of 120 working for an output equal to 250 and still a waitinglist over 9 months. So (with a big smile) “it was quicker to get a kid than a Yask item” !

So was it the stress you decided to move away?
Hmm, not really. It was just clear that the the flower-power of a start-up was over and all needed to be managed with procedures and structures. Although I fully agreed with this and worked to get things happening into this direction I felt a bit left alone.

Left alone..?
Yes, we started with a small club of very different but dedicated guys; our IT wizzkid Maciej, Ronald following his commercial instinct and the very talented Krystoph drilling the production.
He was the youngest but left us as first when he – and 2 more - died in his car in front of the factory due to a reckless truck driver.

Wow, that was a tragedy. What a tragedy !
Really it was like a bomb hit us, all were shocked but especcialy the founding group lost the winning fun. It was like “shit, this can happen too”.
Our wizzkid decided to move to London with his family, Ronald went to Switzerland and all was at once just normal work including the average struggles. Nothing for me.

So you left too...
Yes. I took the Yask Info Book we had just made for all clients as a reminder and said bye-bye! No time frame, no idea what to do, no feeling.

And then a free man?
Well, not really. More an empty man, in a big dark hole. Although it was risky with a family of 3 kids I decided after a while to start my own business. Again working hard but with daily contact with my family which was crucial.

But it was missing the swing and the power.
Then I got a splendid occasion to work for a German company. As you can imagine all was organized, very good facilities, good payment and not too many hours. A bit ‘Alice in Wonderland’ fairytale.

And from Wonderland back to Yask seems not really logic?
Ha ha..  maybe not at first sight.
It was Ronald calling me sometime in March, 2015 saying that he wanted the revolt back at Yask. He had booked flights for every other week to power things again. And I said “splendid, good luck but I have a perfect job in Germany”.

But obviously he and me knew that something woke up. In September he called again and referred to getting the band back together. He joked about the Germans and I knew that the old Rebel was back.

Happy to join and enjoy Yask again!

2016-01-15  Empathy...?

Based on an article in the HBR dated November 27th there is a direct link between empathy and commercial success. Businesses are more profitable and productive when they act ethically, treat their staff well and communicate better with their customers.  

At Lady Geek, a consultancy based in London, “empathy” is defined as a cognitive and emotional understanding of others’ experiences. 
These qualities are increasingly important as social media feeds popular demand for transparency and authentic interaction 
The top 5 of world known companies 
1.    Microsoft
2.    Facebook
3.    Tesla
4.    Google
5.    Procter & Gamble 


2016-01-15  Innovation needs Emotional Inspiration We do what the industry cannot do

Socially beneficial
Different from Cologne Yask will show a complete new range of Office products during the Stockholm show, February 9th - 13th.
Not just for the home office but also for that part of the corporate world who are looking for a real statement showing how environmentally respectful and socially beneficial a company can be. 
It is not only the look and feel which is completely different from what is on the market now, but it is also about the world behind it. We offer full transparency, both about the origin but also about the destiny when the use is over.

Viable green
Showing the origin is one thing.
At Yask we believe in offering a world first solution of a trackable origin.
With solid wood and steel we are able to give real subtance to the circular economy.

Wood itself is already a perfectly green product
The steel we can upcycle or re-use in other items.
What is left are probably some springs and control parts for adjusting the height.

Bottom line, we offer for all a useful destiny, a transparent and trackable destiny.

Economically appropriate
Why buying an item if the use is limited in time and the destiny of the item is organized by the supplier...?
Stay trouble-free and let Yask keep our eye on service and the destiny after your use is over. The defiant step is that we offer now the rent of desks still 100% made according to your wishes and demands.

Our believe
We believe that innovation needs a social and creative environment.
An inspirational workspace will boost people to think different.
Naturally different!

2016-01-15  Syl’s Yournal

All a happy New Year! 
Hope it will be a good one.

Personally I am thrilled to start new operations at Yask in which I will
focus especially on presentation and transmitting the message. In my column some new designs all with options to get more out of an item than just pure function.

For remarks please mail me or give ma a call +

My Mum’s chair 

Plenty of combinations available; the seat can be coloured and upholstered in the way you want it and the traditional rounded backrest is available in several wood finishes or an eye-catching metal version.

My Spynner stool

Have fun and spin your bum.
The Spynner stool spins up and down for your comfort to adjust your preferred seating height (between 36 and 56 cm).
The seat and base are available in plenty of combinations. The base in metal pipes or reinforced steel. The seats in solid wood, slices, upholstered or with a stunning tractor seat.

My Spryng chair

Enjoy yourself
Sit and lean against the back to feel the lift My Spryng chair has an attractive designed wooden frame combined with a loose soft edged seat. For the upholserery you may sent your own choice or take one of the Yask Studio fabrics or leathers. This super comfy chair is also available as high seater.

My Twysted Beauty

Smooth simplicity joining bold complexity. A masterpiece to enjoy The Twysted Beauty combines the beauty of a straight top with the off log-like fat wood of a twisted leg. Like the flames of a romantic fire; you can look at it again and again, always you think to see it different. The table features several eye-catching options for the look of the top including biscuits on the short side. In good Yask tradition all sizing and finishing is your personal choice.




My BG’s chair

How deep is your love..?
Brand your own chair, pretty and comfy together
The BG’s chair is not only available in wood, steel or upholstered.  Now Yask Studio offers the possibility to brand the wooden or metal backrest with your logo, slogan or portrait. Too much Heaven...?




2016-01-15  Newest online tools with personal touch “Yask Studio” for lovers and friends only

Yask Studio want to trigger the twinkle in your eye. Bold, yet not brash.
It is the “rebellion” community showing that nature’s uniqueness deserves personalized items only.

The communication is love it or hate it, pure not sleek. Emotion due to its passion for uniqueness and personal approach.
Exposure by entertainment and showing extremes.Regular launches and refreshments are the key.

The cooperation with Retail-Partners is close, sharing passion and values. In reality the Partner is our local Lover. 
Studio items are exclusively designed, something a little different showing authencity and the personal approach. 

Yasbella, the single 3D platform is the single platform for all; Partners, Customers and Yask.
It is an app showing the dynamic 3D visualization of input for sizing and options. It also shows pricing, discounts, margin, leadtime and more.It is a world first to personalized communication to customers, prospects and fans as well as a key to create real exclusiveness for Partners.

The pricing is set as friendly, even attractive compared with known brands and taken into account that all products are truly customized. 

Lovers & Friends
Yask Studio Partners are selected on personality rather than figures.
Loyalty and initiative are part of the game in our community.
It is the fun to be different; “naturally different”.

For more info please mail

2016-01-15  Yask offers you the tools to win the game “Co” is the way, “Powered by” is the key !

Cocreation, Cooperation and Communication are key-words in developments for retail, private label and projects. But after the know-how the do-how is a must to bring home the benefits of a splendid idea. 
Architects, designers and other talented developers mostly have splendid visions.
The added value of Yask-power is to make these visions happen by bridging all worlds and starting the realization.

Yask stands out
Having its own factory is one of the 2 major things that really sets Yask apart from others. With 120 employees and state-of-the-art facilities in wood, steel and upholstery we can act overnight to show hard resuls but it also helps to stay down-to-earth knowing the meaning of the bottom line.

Really special is also that Yask is a true melting pot of cultures and qualities. 
It is really international and multi-culti. Bridging overseas demands by a strong labour pool in Poland, the famous Dutch early bird approach and the Swiss forcing to be precise in planning and IT.

Last but not least, we are probably one of the first companies with a male quote outnumbered by women, our staff is dominated by powerful ladies.

2016-01-15  Retail 2.0; a new set of things

The “3 Es”
Traditional retail was about location and detail. The breakthrough of the Internet is changing all traditions. The well-known “Black Friday” gets into the shadow of “Cyber Monday”. 
Whilst traditional retail chains with prominent locations and known for decades are getting bankrupt, online start-ups are reaching millions of sales volume in no time.

From one-man shops till world’s best retail chains Yask is - mostly in a hidden way as private label producer- available on about 400 shopfloors and due to this, firmly connected to the well-being of the retail business in general. 
At Yask we believe the retail 2.0 is based on “3 Es” - Excitement - Entertainment - Exposure. Shopping must be an adventure, socially beneficial and a clear focus on a specific segment.

Place for the new
At Yask we used the reset button about a year ago.
We have transformed ourselves into 2 parts. A consiously hidden “co-creator” of private lines (Factory) for bigger retailers offering instant capacity, short lines and leadtimes and state-of-the-art facilities in wood. Steel and upholstery.
On the other side a bold yet not brash “stimulator” of the small shops (Studio) enhancing their exposure by facilitating them with IT, marketing and modelling.

Black and White
In line with the re-shake of the retail business we expect to gain position with “factory” and “studio” in the forthcoming years. 
A bigger retailer will win from its online presence via a strong cooperation with a close-by factory. On the other side of the spectrum, the personal approach of the local shop will create its small but robust community of fans looking for something very personal.

2016-01-15  Team pushing the envelope Vitamin C for people. Vitamin E for products.

Dutchies are known for being early birds but when this goes together with a drive to push the envelope some things may get lost.
Ronald’s love to go the extra mile is a real boost for Yask but it needs a strong and committed team to hold all in proportion and get the ball rolling. 

A balanced mixture of one or two “rebels” with some more “managers” may work best. 
At Yask - and with the support of “Chief Rebel” Ronald - we have created some checks and balances to create a winning team bringing the cup back home.
We call them “vitamins” - everything and everyone needs a certain amount of it; not too much not too less.

The Vitamin C is to check people. Do we have:

  • Committment?
  • Cooperation?
  • Communication?

The Vitamin E is more related to products. Do we trace:

  • Excitement?
  • Exposure?
  • Emotion? 

Even crazy rebellions can be managed by balancing their Vitamin levels.



2016-01-15  “Chief Rebel” looking for faces.

Ronald, the Dutchman, living with his Polish wife and 4 kids in Switzerland, facing the USA as his biggest market looks at first sight like a nomad. Although orange - his favourite colour - represents the Dutch Royal family his business card shows the contrary - the “Chief Rebel”.

When starting Yask 15 years ago we called it a “Furniture Factory”. How modest were we then!  At present Yask is a creator of Emotions, personalized products showing authenticity.

Over time some words and tools did change but looking back the game stayed very much the same. It is about developing a product for some target market. And the “market” are people and they need a good “face” to communicate with.

To help this process we show ourselves. Not only the faces behind Yask, but also our Partners and Suppliers, personalizing the business. Even for our app we created a face; a “she” - warm but alert, not too beautiful but gripping. Her name...Yasbella!

With all these faces we can see, feel and relate to.
It is like a community. Identify and position. Join and enjoy. Show yourself. Yask is personalized. Pure not clinical. Royal or Rebel.

2016-01-15  Zona Tortona April 12 - 17 - launch in the Limelight of Milano

E-Commerce is coming now
Retail 2.0 needs Excitement, Entertainment & Exposure 
The focus is on personalizing, both in communication and in making. For the furniture business physical and online presence will go seamlessly. 

Yes, I can..!
Hospitality is often associated with well-being in hotels.
The friendly face taking care of demands and thinking about possible needs. At Yask we believe that these soft skills also apply to solid furniture business. Not the clinical perfection, but listening, translating and realizing all creates the smile.

“She” is bridging the worlds..
Yasbella is an app with a human face and human touch.
She bridges the human and physical world with fingertip control. Showing you instantly the item in the size and finish you want, including all options.
A masterpiece in IT but above all the 1st online tool that really listens to your demands.

Frankly, we don’t see the point why a tree must grow for centuries to end up as raw material for mass produced items. Nature is unique and deserves the making of unique items. Personalizing is a world first and is the key.

More heartbeats
Because we believe in a seamless connection of online and psysical presence including regular “sparkles” and short term deliveries the app will be launched during the Milano fair in April 2016 for a limited amount of European countries to start with.
For our private label clients we can offer similar facilities to personalize items, of course branded under their own label

2016-01-15  Yasbella

The rhythm of my heart, the flow of my blood, the pace of my breath - everything was in harmony with the trees in which I found my shelter. It was this pure passion for nature that finally made that I can be who I am...
I love to trigger the twinkle in the eye, sometimes to confuse and offer the extraordinary. 
For personalities only; bold, rebellious and memorable. 

2016-02-11  “Bi-innovation” is the word, “Trackable” the key !

Innovation in a product and service.


Bi-innovation” is the word, “Trackable” the key !


The green idea and circular economy forces all of us to invent and think out of the box. Exactly the things Yask feels home.

During the Stockholm show we will come up with not just innovation but bi-innovation; a complete new approach both in product and service.


First of all, we launch a complete new set of natural designed furniture for the (home)office.

Not slicky synthetic materials but pure honest  ones as wood and steel, of course with fingertip control for adjusting the height up to a massive 118h..


Second, we come with the service “TrackableX”.

It shows you not only the origin (forest) of the materials we used, now we add to this the revolutionary tool of the destiny.  At the moment of buying (or later) you can decide for a certain period of use and after that we will pick up the items and show you how we upcycle it.

Of course, the next user can start tracing the origin (you..) and the circle is perfect.


Yask; we do what the industry cannot do !

Let’s meet in Stockholm, Febr 9-13 Hall B 11:25




Chars salüds

Ronald Jacobs


2016-02-22  Play with Yasbella

Who is Yasbella? She is a mystery, a haunting rebel who triggers the twinke in your eye... Everyone would be able to use her properly soon - choosing and customizing everything she offers according to their needs. And there will be a lot to choose from. Tables, chairs, sideboards, chestboards... all in one place as the Yasbella is also the name of our newest app created by Yask IT team. We don't want to go into details now but one thing is clear - it is worth waiting to get to know all her assets!


2016-01-15   Stockholm February 9 – 13 We show what the industry cannot show

In Stockholm Yask will not only present our complete new line for the home and corporate office but will launch brand new tools for the B2B market to show how environmentally respectful, economically appropriate, socially beneficial and viable green a company can be...

Via TrackableTree we offer already the option to trace the precise origin of the item made for you. Now we add the option to define the destiny when its use is over. Yask is not just selling but also partnering when the use is ending and items can be re-used or upcycled.

Trackable origin & Trackable destiny are the tools for the future.
Not only for Yask but also for empathic bodies supporting the circular economy.

Next event


takes place from

23-27 / 10 / 2018