Newsletter No 4 / 04.04.2016

2016-03-31  Invitation to the heart of Milano the very place where old meets new on April 13th -15th

The American Night – Entertainment
Wednesday, April 13th, 7 - 9 pm 
Visiting “Salone” is by far more than just Fiera Milano - Rho. It is the time to energize and trace opportunities for memorable experiences. In Italy, with the Italians, proud about their nation. 
Raymond Arenson, vice President Crate&Barrel will tell how to attract customers and fashion in furniture

The Martini Night - Excitement
Thursday, April 14th, 7 - 10 pm
We all know the famous Italian brand Martini & Rossi. Known for its sparkling drinks and thrilling marketing. Last but not least, shaken by Mr Bond himself.  
Tim Morton, international networker and successful entrepreneur based in Jersey will tell about excitement in building relationships and business 

The Italian Night - Emotions
Friday, April 15th, 7 - 10 pm
Driving an Italian car is probably not completely troublefree. But it is a sensation in sound, look and feel. For people joining you all the same. 
Maria Paola Pontarollo and Marcello Cerea, the founding partners of STARCHING Srl will tell how to build emotions in architecture and make it artistically expressive

Visit us at Sofa Garden, near Zona Tortona. Happy to join the Italian apero with you!

Sofa Garden, Ripa di Porta Ticinese 79
20143 Milano
Syl mobile +44 77.95.328669

2016-03-31  They shoot ‘Maysters’, don’t they ? A true player Forced OUT

Our building ‘Mayster’ faces his ultimate retirement age this summer. Do we need to be cruel to be kind?

Mayster.. are you ready to talk?
No not really.. have to finish the building of the new photo studio for Yask and this summer the new Chillyhub is planned in Switzerland.
All must be ready before I leave so not much time for nonsense.

But are you really going to leave?
Well it seems we have no choice.
Two years ago I could decide for an extended period of work but now it seems I simply have to accept that I am old and need to go.

Some people would love this...
Yes, I know but sitting at home in my small village day after day is a big difference to the hectic life with Yask over the last 15 years.

With Yask you went from Moscow to New York, didn’ t you?
Well, I don’t exactly follow where I’ve been to but yes, I have seen many countries and prepared our show stand from Moscow to Las Vegas. Always different rules, tricks and games.
Sometimes very difficult because I do not speak any foreign language.

No languages and travelling the globe...?
Yes, but we have very good staff who always help me and let’s not forget it is sometimes a big benefit when you don’t understand all.
I remember a show in Paris where a local officer really got stressed about a minor thing and wanted to rebuilt a complete booth but because I could not reply in his French language and also did not understand all his words but kept smiling. In the end the officer was so hopeless that he said “ok” - which of course, I understood immediately.

Is it a trick you play...?
No, not really.. we accept and respect all rules but sometimes locals are very ambitious in the explanation especially to guests and then it needs a certain time to build up a reliable relation. Quietness and a smile do help even without understanding languages (smiling....)

Why did you join Yask?
Well, I was working for a German building company. At a certain moment I heard that a Dutchman started a small company in our village in Poland. On a Sunday after visiting the church I decided spontaneously to have a look and there was a guy standing.

Clearly not one from us so I asked him some questions in German about what was going on. All looked good so I told that guy that he may talk to the Dutchman if he was looking for new people. The guy said, “I just did”.
I only smiled, I never had the idea that a Dutch investor would look like him.

And now you’re leaving him...
He is so wild sometimes that I stay young working for him. 
But yes, I need to leave and stop. Guess the hub in Switzerland is my last project and there I will drink my last beer when ready unless “he” has already found other ways..?

2016-03-31  Ongoing investments Photo Studio

Yask was hidden, focusing on pure production and private label. This changes now! 

We want to trigger you frequently with sparkling new designs, giving you online tools to co-create private lines or join the excitement via our 3D online app.

The key to let this all happen is “picturing”.
Indeed rather remarkable in the World of Yask over years we did not pay attention to this and now we are building a 200m2 studio with all bits and bytes. A bit like changing from a Jérôme Boateng into a Lionel Messi.

Of course this will not happen overnight but we are really serious about investing into this “hot air” division. Of course this is not about building and equipment but also about the “eye”.
Here we are happy that we got Luca on board. He is a professional in movie making and picturing. Really talented probably due to the fact that he is dyslexic.

Enclosed a few of his great pictures.
More to come but then out of splendid facilities.


2016-03-31  New Businesses The World of Ymotions...

YaskWorld is a “rebellious” setting. The “personalizing” that is deep in our veins makes that we respect people and product on all levels. We are used to multi-culti and our vertical integration makes that we can realize things when we want it, even overnight. The ability to trigger is who we are and makes the community. People love it or hate it. Black or white. Day or night. Now we have rebuilt and positioned Yask again, including up-to-date production and distribution facilities and let’s not forget things as “Trace Origin”, and “Personalize your item online” - here we see something unexpected happen. Some colleague businesses are knocking on our door already if we want to take them over or if they may join our platform.

Here the typical YaskYmotions are an incredible help in selecting the good businesses. Just a few meetings is more then enough for people to run away or fall in love. For the true lovers we open our platform so they can use our production, distribution and IT facilities. In the end we believe that these new “planets” make a more attractive world.

A World of Ymotions.
Don’t tell about your dreams. Show them!

2016-03-31  Syl’s Yournal

Personally I am thrilled to start new 
operations at Yask in which I will focus 
especially on presentation and transmitting the message. In my column some new designs all with options to get more out of an item than just pure function.

For remarks please mail me 
or give ma a call +44 77.95.328669

My Spynner stool

Have fun and spin your bum.
The Spynner stool spins up and down to adjust your preferred seating height (between 36 and 56 cm).
The seat and base are available in plenty of combinations. The base in metal pipes or reinforced bar. The seats in solid wood, slices, upholstered or with a stunning tractor seat.

My Mum’s chair 


Have fun and spin your bum.
The Spynner stool spins up and down to adjust your preferred seating height (between 36 and 56 cm).
The seat and base are available in plenty of combinations. The base in metal pipes or reinforced bar. The seats in solid wood, slices, upholstered or with a stunning tractor seat.

My Spryng chair

Enjoy yourself
Sit and lean against the back to feel the lift. For the upholstery you may send your own choice or take one of Yask Studio fabrics or leathers. This super comfy chair is also available as high seater.

My Study barstool

What’s you first impression after you had a glimpse at our Study barstool? For me it’s first class seat from a very posh car, upholstered in red soft leather, the seat is big, just big, the backrest leans backwards to rest & relax. Additionally, you can rest your feet against the foot rail. Choose a Yask leather or send us your own selection.

My Royalty stump

A true Yask chunky piece - Royalty stump, round in shape, cut out from a real thick log, handcrafted for detailing, with a metal handle and base plate. The seating has a dipped-in profile to sit you comfortably. Feel free to customize the finish for oak and metal accessories.

My Sweety chair

Dining chair in all-wood option. Personally my absolute favourite in wood chairs, when you just look at it you may not give it much credit, all woody and not too much colour, that’s why I make people sit on it, sit and feel the perfect curves and profiles,
I love the exerience and 
I bet so will you!




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