Newsletter No 5 / 24.04.2016

2016-04-21  GRANDIOSO !

Three special Night Events in Milan between 13-15th April, off the fair grounds to entertain and power your Emotions. all Nights had a common vitamin E theme:
• Entertainment for the American Night with a prominent Crate & Barrel team (a leading chain store in USA), an excellent theme speech delivered by Raymond Arenson
• Excitement for the Martini Night with a networker from Jersey, Tim Morton
• Emotions for the Italian Night with the founding partners of STARCHING Srl, Maria Paola Pontarollo and Marcello Cerea

The Nights in Milan were amazing so we are back in 2017 ! The location will be transformed into the Yask Hub, fully furnished with Yask masterpieces in oak, steel and upholstery !

2016-04-21  Tip from Tim

Tim had an apartment downtown Milano and used as he is to the silence of his beautiful Jersey base his first nights he could not sleep. Desperate looking for some rest he put some wet toilet paper in his ears A cool feeling and indeed rest. But when drying the toilet paper expanded during the night and in the morning his ears were swollen and the paper was hard to get out... We will buy him some better stuff for next year....


This year we transformed the café with our Bella Maisa table with red tractor seats, Cool Slicy coffee tables, high bar concrete and roughedge tops, so many colourful chairs and to top up all we hung our Slutty lamps, yes, very slutty and amazingly eye-catching.

Our masterpieces attracted so much attention and stirred everybody’s emotions, we loved this feeling of observing how our furniture transformed the place and peoples’ faces! 
Wow, how thrilling to watch this happening.

2016-04-21  Stone Steel & SFun...

The 2nd week of April is always much more than just the “Salone” It is Milano - Italy - Fashion in Furniture.  To go short; a way of doing !

It is so beautiful to see the Italians walk - act  - talk. Not to forget their dresses. Impossible to learn just to admire. It is not made in Italy but “born in Italy”. When also sunny weather; it makes Milano unbeatable

The show itself was sparkling as always, with - also as always - limited revolutions Clearly visible is the use of steel and stone (tiles, marmer etc). Something similar to Yask was just on 2 or 3 spots visible.

For Yask a reason to come back in 2017 with again 3 events organized in a pop-up location on the very edge of Zona Tortona and Naviglia
We believe that it needs at least 2 or 3 runs to learn people we are there. It needs a prominent front, a full refurbishing (not just partly) and a more intense marketing.

Regarding the last.. please have a look at Eataly in the Brera zone ( What a splendid marketing machine ..! A true World of Ymotions.

2016-04-21  The Prob of an early Bird

he Dutch are known for being Early Birds
Reason for big retailers to have a design root in Holland or to test new ideas. But Early Birds need also patience,, something which is not easy for them

Many clients do tell us that Yask is often used to see what may happen in 1 or 2 years When the market is really ready for the “news” we do see it often as “old”

The same happened to the tiles that start to be a new trend in Milano It was our Juan who started to use this retro look when designing the new hub in 2015.

Maybe the best that can happen to Early Birds is a delay
Now it looks like we are on time..!


Yask furnished Sofa Garden location with some of our stunning masterpieces ! It was a wow effect, Sofa Garden hosted some events after Yask did the set-up and before our special Nights powered by Yask.

Although we knew what effect we would create as Yask DNA runs in our blood as well, guests in Sofa Garden couldn’t believe it was the same place as they knew it.

Of course we picked this location for our events as it was best ! We had a fenced private terrace overlooking a patch of green park, cozy and quiet during the day but bustling with nightlife when the sun set, the inside can accommodate over 100 people, no other place in Zona Tortona is big enough to host such a big crowd of Yask community, so - see us there next year!


2016-04-21  Vice-President of Crate & Barrel Raymond Arenson hosts the American Night in Milan!

The American Night in Milan this year was absolutely fabulous, leading theme for the Night - Entertainment. There are many things that we call ‘entertainment’ as opposed to non-entertainment, I won’t mention the latter because after all -  Milan for sure is about Entertainment, with a capital E !
Don’t we love it? We naturally look for entertainment and it’s just fabulous when we can spot it just about anywhere, if we cannot spot it, create it yourself! Yes, make it happen.

What do you think of shopping? It’s a pure love and hate thing, some love going shopping, to look around, be in the crowd, others don’t - they look for some added value, can this be entertainment? Shopping has become an adventure on so many levels, with a multitude of experiences and emotions.
It’s not just going from shop to shop, getting stuff, putting in our bags and off we go back home. Nowadays, there’s more to it for sure! The shopping experience is about all, seeing new places and meeting new faces. Is there any better person to talk about making shopping a memorable experience than our guest tonight - Raymond Arenson, vice President of Crate & Barrel, a prominent chain store in USA.

The American night, in Milan, in the very heart of Zona Navigli, next to Naviglio Grande. Raymond Arenson entertained the audience with his most gripping talk on Entertainment in furniture retail.



We are proud and excited to present you a quick tutorial how to personalize your choices with Yasbella app.

My Creations tab shows you a selection of what can be customized in our app - tables, seating and boards.

Position the mouse on an item. A true photo shows up.

Once you click on a photo - here my Winestorage Beam - you will see all the other products from Winestorage range

Once you’ve selected a piece you can customize NUMBER OF BOTTLES, CHOOSE LOOK, FINISH TOP, FINISH BASE.

Once you’ve got all the steps you see your customized piece.

You can get the offer now, a printable version as well, you can mail it, share on social media or buy straight away.




Excitement - we all know what excitement is, how it’s triggered is very individual though.
Excitement in business relations is as important as in our private lives. Mention the importance of a good drink, socialising over a good drink, it makes you surface from your regular self, from every day hassle & bustle - is there anything simpler yet more complex than the selection of the very RIGHT drink. Shaken, not stirred - this is how our Martini tables make you feel.

Tim Morton, international networker and successful entrepreneur based in beautiful Jersey was or special guest for the Martini Night, powered by Yask.  We discussed excitement in building relationships and business.



ARCHITECTURE is a thing of art, a phenomenon of the emotions, lying outside questions of construction and beyond them. The purpose of construction is TO MAKE THINGS HOLD TOGETHER; of architecture TO MOVE US” Our Italian Night features true blood Italians, passionate and fiercely in love with pure design. Pure Italian evokes most basic instincts, enjoy them! Let me introduce to you our 2 Italian guests: Maria Paola Pontarollo and Marcello Cerea are the founding partners of STARCHING Srl (which is an Italian acronym meaning architectural and engineering firm) and they will tell how to build emotions in architecture and make it artistically expressive. They talked about emotions in a space and with products that gave us good vibes ! Here a short briefing of what they said: How did you discover the importance of emotions in architecture? -  I can’t remind a specific moment. It’s an everyday experience. Good architecture really influences your state of mind.This surprises me each time  Is Italian architecture appreciated as other  design fields, like design in furniture, interiors, fashion, cars? - I think that Italy means “style and elegance” in general in every creative activity. Consider that some of our big names in italian architecture has succeded abroad before than in Italy.In addition to that we know that italian architectural styles of various ages have been subject to various imitations and revivals.Just think the influence of Palladinism in England  
Do emotions add any artistic value to architecture? - Yes of course! And, as we said before, good architecture can’t leave emotions aside. 

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