Newsletter No 7 / 06.12.2016

2016-12-06  DO YOU LIKE IT LONG ?

Do You Like It Long ?


Join and enjoy our most stunning, Xlong, Xfat table. Multi options for the top finish leave a twinkle in your eye. Will you love it or will you hate it? Hope you’ll join us with our pure love for nature as we are naturally different and we show this off boldly. Loving nature shows you how environmentally friendly and viably green a company can be. We show passion in every detail and every step of the production process we go.

Massive look and feel is purely organic, not clinical but natural. We’re likely to satisfy those who share the passion that we have for natural, raw materials, wood or concrete. For more colorful twinkle we combine wood, concrete, blue steel and tiles on our extra fat tops, perfect eye-catchers, aren’t they?





Multi-culti approach and benefits are many. Yask is the rebellious one and has been rebellious since its very beginning. What others are striving to achieve, bridging the cultures, we already have. The Dutch ‘early bird’ culture not only in running Yask team but reali-

zing multi-culti projects all over the world. We’re a true melting pot! In IMM Cologne we’ll feature a bold Dutch design with our extra long and fat table. Nothing like you’ve seen before. Yask is the leader, with unbeatable DNA. We go the extra mile in all we do!

2016-12-06  IS BO BEAU ?

So, back to Bo, his positivity, most welcoming smile will bridge the gap between the multi-culti ambitious yask team, some ‘round’ some ‘square’.

Actually, it’s Bo who found us, looking for an outstanding team of people who will power him a bit more. Luckily, he fits with our DNA so the decision was a good one even though we carefully filtered Bo’s qualities. Of course, being a charmer, he got a quick Yes! from Yask ladies. A whiff of charm and sweetness spoke to us well. Bo is just natural and not afraid of the Yask female power. In fact, where other associates sometimes need to argue he seems able to realize every “priority” he wants for his Belgian clients.

No doubt, with Bo we are back on the track in Belgium and we prefer the long run again. His region will be BeLux and Bo will focus on Belgium, Luxembourg and later probably Paris....

We now take Bo to the lifestyle of “Belle Belgique”.

Yask welcomes all who have the melting-pot DNA and feature qualities that we need in-house.

Bo, our Belgian, is like a box of Belgian chocolates, you never know what flavour you’re picking but for sure you’ll get an exquisite one. Sweet.

Bo is also charming, always sharing the sunshine, with a smile. His multi-language makes life easier, for communication with Yask team and our worldwide clients. He’s the great listener, friendly and ‘round’. He won’t push you around like our arrogant Dutchies do. Oh yes, the Dutch ones are arrogant and frech, and will sooner hit you with a boomerang than tune in with you needs.






Ronald Jacobs

 Hence selecting our ‘own’ logs, hidden in the deepest of a centuries-old forest. As a  matter of fact, it’s a task for the SuperMan. Yask ladies delegate Ronald to carefully  select the ‘fat guys’. Now we must bring those babies home, where they’ll be cared for  with love and passion. The logs are distributed on our yard, each log depending on its  individual beauty and character. Then logs are cut into boards, left to air-dry for many  seasons to come. The unquestioned beauty of this process is that boards lie in the rain    and sun, and wind, and snow and… grow more and more

beautiful. And at this state they get the undivided attention of their secret admirer. His doting eye swoops from one to the other…boards are kiln-dried to get the humidity down, then the in-house vertically integrated fun begins.

This is our DNA and strong belief that our power is the vertical approach in the whole production process. Then it makes the world of a difference. This is Ronald’s belief and promise to power all processes and bring the cup back home. For our partners and lovers this is a solemn promise and trust – what they get back home is pure nature!



Different from most furniture manufacturers who start with pre-milled kit parts and follow with simple assembly, the work of Yask starts in the forest with the individual selection of trees.

We prefer the “fat guys” with a rich structure. Based on long traditions certain forests are preferred and our Bert knows exactly when & where to go.

Our Bert is “born” in the forest. His father had a sawmill in the former West Germany and for more than half a century ago he shared all his family life with wood, trees and forests.

Later in his career it went clear that Bert’s qualities lie especially in building relationships and sourcing. For economic reasons, he had to stop the sawmill activities and decided to go for the “tree hunt” only.

It was in this period - more than10 years ago – that he met Ronald, also a passionate “tree hunter”. 


Although the  Dutch and German characters creates some sparkles, with time they became close friends.

Nowadays Bert spends his full time

 in meetings with forest  companies and private land owners to select a tree by tree, they are “fat guys” that Yask needs. Especially in Germany there are still many family-held forests (often old aristocracy) with the most beautiful trees ever. They really care about selling and replanting for the long run.

Exactly the thing where Bert feels very well and Ronald starts to feel less humble towards Bert since he has to travel or stay in the office.

2016-12-06  SYL'S YOURNAL


Personally I am thrilled to start new 
operations at Yask in which I will focus 
especially on presentation and transmitting the message. In my column some new designs all with options to get more out of an item than just pure function.

For remarks please mail me 
or give ma a call +44 77.95.328669

my Spryng chair

It combines a solid oak profiled leg with a soft edged seat resting on springs at the back. For the upholserery you may sent your own choice or take one of the Yask fabrics or leathers.

This super comfy chair is also available as high seater.

my Rough Edge bedroom

We tamed rough edge on oak to bring you more natural beauty back home. Rough edge is hand-crafted to the very last splinter, they are smooth in look and feel with breathtaking texture of sap wood. Enjoy this amazing nature gift in your own bedroom.

my AlyBaba

A female side of a table, on four legs and with some ‘balls’. Balls as in a ballroom…, oh yes, and what did you think? This one is just grand, AlyBaba legs are catchy, not just clean-cut pieces of a log or some board. Profiled to satisfy your hungry eye for some outstanding detail. Pure oak top sits on them to create a picture perfect!

my Slutty Lamp

An amazing lamp for lovers only, from raw materials only! Steelwork and woodwork showing off uncovered bulbs, there are so many of them and are dimmable for cosiness or full bright for extra exposure. We love both! We loved this design so much that you can spot them in our offices as well.

my BlockBuster

Bold, isn’t it? Yes, Yask stands for bold beauty, in line with our believs for the extravagance in every design. We love solid lines, especially along the long edge of a piece. Yask lines and looks make us stand out and be recognizable, this design also screams out loud; hey you, this is new by Yask... Legs are blocks which you can set along short or long ends, whatever... Love it or hate it.




Frank Bender

Yask has always been a bit American style, bold rather than exhaustive and more like ‘doing’ rather than shunting.

In line with this the English speaking markets were a natural fit but this all must change now with Frank focusing on the German market.

It must be said... where many other EU companies focused on Germany as one of the top-ranked markets Yask was on the long haul and not active in German speaking countries. Although Swiss based, with production facilities in Poland and roots from Holland, with Germany in the middle it was strange enough not to have it on the radar.

When Frank knocked on our door we were also surprised maybe even shocked... “you want to set up Germany...?” Wow, are we ready for that?

It took him almost a year, several trips to Switzerland and Poland to convince our staff. And in the end, we said “yes” to him because he had that special story of him living in Germany, his kids going the international way in Spain but of course to a German school.

Since we know this, he is our man. Hitting the Dutch platform about football, distinctively smiling about the Swiss and valuing the Polish power.

No doubt we traced some tricks to stir up his structures always ending with a typical American word “Damn”! Seriously, we love to have him in our team, we appreciate his way of doing and surely, Frank is the one to bridge the long haul with our neighbours.

YASK war schon immer ein wenig „American style“ – eher kühn als althergebracht und eher „Macher“ als zögernd.

Als Folge passte der englischsprachige Markt hervorragend in unser Unternehmensgefüge. Das wird sich mit Frank, der sich auf den deutschen Markt konzentrieren will, nun grundlegend ändern.

Es muss einmal gesagt werden: während sich andere EU-basierte Unternehmen auf den deutschen Markt als einer der Topmärkte der Welt konzentriert haben, hat YASK die deutschsprachigen Märkte eher vernachlässigt. Obwohl in der Schweiz beheimatet mit Produktionsstätten in Polen und mit holländischen Wurzeln, war das in der Mitte von Europa gelegene Deutschland nicht auf unserem Radarschirm.

Als Frank an unsere Tür klopfte, waren wir überrascht, ja vielleicht sogar geschockt, als er fragte, ob wir den deutschen Markt aufmischen wollen? Wow – sind wir dazu in der Lage? Frank brauchte fast ein Jahr, verschiedene Besuche in der Schweiz und in Polen, um uns und die Belegschaft davon zu überzeugen! Und am Ende sagten wir „Ja“, nicht zuletzt wegen seiner ganz besonderen Lebensweise: der in Deutschland lebende Frank ermöglicht seinen Kindern eine internationale Ausbildung an einer deutschen Schule in Spanien.

Seit wir dies wissen, ist er unser Mann: er ist über den Fußball mit unserer holländischen Plattform verbunden, lächelt nachsichtig über die Schweizer und weiß die polnische Stärke zu schätzen.

Wir haben ihn wirklich gerne in unserem Team und begrüßen die Art, wie er Dinge umsetzt. Er wird derjenige sein, der eine Brücke schlägt zu unseren lange vernachlässigten Nachbarn. 


2016-12-06  KISS / We KISS - Keep It Simple ...

We KISS – Keep It Simple…

Being different is natural to Yask team, hardly a challenge as we live by challenges on every day bases. That’s why we are high on perception and reception of the world around us. We like to call it the antenna.

Challenges set our clock as in tick-tock. If there isn’t one on the horizon right away, we are certain it’ll unveil as the day unfolds. We are dynamic in-house and outhouse, and what drives other people crazy, we love! We love the high tide, high emotions and the hustle and bustle on working our days to their full limits and yes! It’s tight and hectic! But we go by the rule, the rule on KISSing, it makes everybody’s life enjoyable.

If we have no clue how to go about something, best is to KISS, keep it simple…stupid!

We always KISS, it gives the power, motivation and the certainty of being appreciated. Thanks to this we communicate without the hassle even though we are multi-culti and the female power has this all. We communicate vertically as we work vertically. This is a must. The production is linear and so is the responsibility, we don’t need our ‘bosses’ to get in line with our tasks.

Even though communication is a difficult matter, as if people were living on separate islands. But we have the passion to communicate. Communication stirs up our motivation. And high motivation makes it all easy, you hardly feel you work. So, the female staff needs some IT support and our IT is mostly guys, yeap, how do we make it together? Of course, same rule, just KISS.



 …get the passion offline …not online

We live our dream, the dream of passion, looking for it and finding it when one might least expect. In fact, sitting back at your home is about passion for what surrounds you and how it makes you feel. Actually, some say staying back at home is so boring that all we can do is look at our furniture. Or is it? It’s easy to stay passionately in love with your home, office when it’s well tuned in with your Ymotions and DNA. Well, we know it. We make it happen. 

Join us and enjoy the passion for living with Yask. We have Yask Buddies. Passionate locals who love to get together, wine and dine and promote real life. Private homes and small businesses now have the freedom to furnish their spaces and share them with their Buddies as well. We value passion and loyalty and this are the milestones how we select our Buddies. Are you one of them?!


It is old, huge and not used for over 10 years. Inside and outside the look is rather dirty, lifeless and miserable.

All residents and visitors must go past the building at the very entrance of the village day after day and obviously they pay no attention.

At first sight Ronald fell in love and called it a ‘beauty’, when contacting the real estate agent to trace her price the agents asked him twice if this Dutchman was really looking for such an ‘old lady’...?

Ronald persisted and is now developing a century old building with almost 1,000 sqm over 5 floors.

At Yask we are happy with this kind of developments from our Chief Rebel.

In all honesty, it gives the staff the quietness to run pending projects when our Rebel is busy outside but more importantly, it creates a flow of new ideas we can use in daily business.

In fact, Chasa ChauChau did bring us the idea of the SwitzBox. Imagine this huge building where outside and construction walls remain. It means that inside a lot of open spaces are created which we offer for potential buyers to design themselves.

Under the motto “live your dream” buyers may locate a kitchen unit, a bathroom or a sleep room with fingertip control. The units are ready-made in the factory and installed as complete units in the building.

So it is a true story that SwitzBox is a swiss case... born when developing ChasaChauChau.


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