Press Release 1/2

Aug. 31st 2015 YASK SA Scuol / Switzerland London

The Bella Maisa will show up in London

During SuperBrands Yask will show the Top of the tops

She will be 45 ft long, seat 50 persons and weigh more than 1,000 kg.
“Bella Maisa” is her name and by far more than 150 years old.

Traditionally bold is the tone of voice at Yask. For sure this goes for the enormous table and the stand at the SuperBrands London 2015, September 24th – 27th. She is the longest single-board table Yask has ever made. The sourcing, the cutting, the transport, the drying, the making; all are extremes.

The “Bella Maisa” was invented by Liza (10)

As Yask is already a real melting pot, Switzerland itself has with its 4 languages some multi culti aspects as well. In the part Ronald lives with its family (4 kids) the language is Romansh.

When telling them about the plan to make this really fat table to show in London it was our youngest daughter Liza who said;’ “ahh, a Bella Maisa!” . It is not only Romansh for a bizarre table but “bella” is also a worldwide word for something fantastic, and that’s exactly what it is.

Real Yask

At Yask we love nature with all its uniqueness and imperfections. Also it is our passion to create stunning products. We do not believe in trying to refine this to clinical perfection.

The Bella Maisa fits to this in every single aspect. What’s more, she is our leading product, our Top of the tops. She shows how environmentally respectful, economically appropriate, socially beneficial and viable green a company can be…

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