Press Release 2/2

Aug. 31st 2015 YASK SA Scuol / Switzerland London

Yask moments to experience Ymotion

Yask Switzerland transforms itself from furniture factory to emotion developer

He founded Yask 12 years ago and boosted real customized production on a large scale as one of the first in the business. IT as backbone for a furniture factory was something new.

Now Ronald Jacobs – “Chief Rebel” – wants to go a different direction. Not the big-to-bigger, industrial footprint anymore but a small, lovely fingerprint showing the pure and personal approach. It’s down to getting the band back together. But in fact it is about sharing passion and “moments of enjoying” powered by Yask.

The “World of Yask”

Although at the forefront and “rebellious” in many aspects - customizing, green, female staff, multi-culti and more – Yask has always been a bit hidden. No huge brand aspirations, just focusing on state-of-the-art private label production. This changes now! We have transformed ourselves into an ambitious set of things with the place for the new and equal respect for the existing.

Call it the “World of Yask”. It is really international, bridging the diversity, accepting and loving all what makes people and products unique. A true “melting pot” of cultures and qualities.
On the clients’ side we cover top retail chains in the USA but also challenging visionaries in London. The staff is awfully ambitious combining the strong labour pool in Poland with the famous Dutch ‘early bird’ approach and Swiss precision.
On the product side we do not want stock or a catalogue with standard models. We love the challenge coming every month with fresh concepts and ideas to brand solutions together with Architects, Retailers and Visionaries.
To share this in reality we decided to develop some crazy spaces in Engadin. ChillyHub, ChillyRock and ChillyCamp are planned to be “more than cool”.. Cosy “moments” highlighting handwork, local traditions and honesty.

The Community

We love to be bold, yet not brash, pure not clinical. At Yask we believe that the uniqueness of nature deserves the real personal approach. Hence, we do custom-made items only with a small team of very dedicated partners.
Yask customers tend to be individuals, leaders rather than followers. And this is exactly what we want to offer; something “absolute authentic”. All is about sharing values and enjoying “moments” that makes a community. For those who prefer uniformity Yask is unlikely to satisfy.

We do what the industry cannot do... TrackableTree !

When buying an item you might want to know the history. Because there is so much valuable to tell we can even show you the origin of the log.

From the moment the trees are cut in the forest they all get an individual number. At every stage of the process we can trace the full history of every single board of this log. Via the batch # printed on the label you can easily trace the forest on the map, look for its specifications and often download pictures and details of the logs when cut.

We believe this service shows you the extra mile we want to go. ... a world first !

In the end ... our true believes Preaching our believes helps us focusing relationships rather than a single order input. Our ideas may help customers to value uniqueness and co-creating. There must be place for the pure and personal in an online world. - We love nature and being natural, no clinical perfection.
- So let’s show the pureness in a product and the human factor in all aspects.
- Up to us nature deserves the making of customized items only; why must a tree grow for centuries to end up in many of similar items?
- We also believe in the benefits of going the extra mile; insourcing rather than outsourcing, providing excellent facilities for our employees so staff can feel special.

The World of Yask...naturally different ! back.