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Yask is a young, vibrant company with currently more than 20 unique ranges in solid wooden furnitures on offer. All made to measure.

The Yask look is bold and distinctive, showing the natural characteristics of European Oak and the individual hand-finishing by traditional craftsman. Our furnitures can now be seen throughout Europe and the USA.

Over the last few years an old unused sawmill in Poland was used to build a brand new woodworking plant, including kilns, online or processing, houses and offices. Nowadays up to 20.000 units p.a. are shipped from here.

New developments, designs, sales and state-of-the art IT technology are boasted from our Yask office in Scuol (Switzerland).


In our custom made business model, direct access to all sources and facilities is crucial. It gives us the flexibility we need to provide a delivery service almost equal to those with standard products on offer.

Yask is a truly vertical integrated company... - selecting the trees from certified forest - with an own milling capacity to create the large size - 17 kilns to modify the moisture level during a proper drying process - with the newest CNC woodworking machines to produce rapidly a variety of sizes and parts exactly as ordered - with about 120 qualified craftsman to ensure the traditional feature - which has an owned fleet of two-men-trucks for safe deliveries - with in house IT and Design for fingertip control


Like our furnitures the Yask trucks are bold and distinctive. All equiped with in-cab computing and GPS systems. We have always two people on board to ensure safe and secure deliveries.

A cyclical delivery schedule helps us to ship orders within the quickest possible term. Specific calendar weeks are allocated for shipments to each country. You simply decide for the best suitable and available plan.


With virtually limitless sizes on offer, we cannot use standard facilities. We have to make our own thick, multi-layered cardboard with adding corner protections and internal bubble wrap.

Altough quality control is implemented throughout the production process. The packing gives also the chance to make a final quality check. Frankly, we don´t see the point making all these investments simply to allow faulty items to slip through the net.

Greenest Company

Based in the beautiful little town named Scuol in Switzerland „back to nature“ is for Yask not a trend but an ongoing mission. Yask is a very Green Company.

In our polish plant all waste material is recycled to fully power - it heats the kilns for drying the lumber.

We use natural oils and waxes to protect our products. To colour our products we do not use stains but our unique smoking technique. Poland is the home of Europes largest concentration FSC forest.

Our delivery trucks are brand new to assure the cleanest emissions.

Message from the owner

Yask is fully owned by Duchman Ronald Jacobs

- My fathers strong commitment to entegrity and nesty is passed down in every facet of our daily business. Not only for the products we make and the natural materials we use. Our position among clients, suppliers, employees and other people is based on this too.

For me working with solid wood means:

- ... preserving tradtitions: every oak tree must be over 250 years old before it can be touched and we do plant another three trees for every one used. - ... that natures wonderful variety of colors and textures is something unique. No tree in the forest is the same. - ... informing the customer clearly about the value of this non uniformity and also about the consequences of it (knots, splits, grain patterns). - ... offering made-to-measure products to stay in line with the unique character of solid wood. - ... focusing the long run with significant investments in people and technology to stay a solid partner.


To bring home natures wonderful variety of colors and textures is the heart of our design philosophy. We do not believe in trying to refine trees to clinical perfection.

We prefer to preserve the natural characteristics, complete with splits, knots and grain patterns.


Yask is based on a personalised business model. We do not hold stock. We do not think in standards. A service without the delay or premium normaly associated with custom made furniture.

You may choose:

- The length (up to massive 575 cm) - The width - The height - The content (for sideboards and storage) - The finish Our in-house IT secures that the thousands of combinations are handled well to give you the freedom to create your own-personalised-furniture.


Yask uses 100 % natural oil and wax finishes. The wonderful grain patterns and unique aspects of solid European Oak to shine through. To produce a random, walnut like, dark finish with a glorious mix of shades.

Yask has developed a unique kiln-smoking process that penetrates into the wood. A pure and individual look far from veneers and synthetics. For those that prefer uniformity unlikely to satisfy. Differences in color, finish and grain are likely and will not be considered valid for claim purposes. Finishes on wood samples, websites and brochures are an indication only.


Solid natural oak needs to be preserved with love and attention. Protection from temperature extremes, intense light and excessive moisture, as well as swift response to any spillages will keep it happy.

Over time, wood continues to „breath“ and react to surroundings. Changes in color and grain may occure, knots and splits can be affected or even fresh splits may occur.

This seasoning is part of the joy of ownership. To help you, most pieces of Yask furnitures are supplied with a complimentary care kit. For detailed instructions, tips and restrictions please read the info sheet carefully.

(Please read our warranty restrictions in our Terms & Conditions)

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