At Yask we love the challenge coming with fresh concepts to brand solutions
together with Architects, Retailers and Visionaries
We also believe that the uniqueness of nature deserves the real personal approach.
Hence we do personalized business only so we do not keep stock and we do not
have a catalogue with standard models.

Yask is really international and a true “melting pot” of cultures and qualities.
Bridging demands by a strong labour pool in Poland, the famous Dutch early bird
approach and the Swiss forcing to be precise in planning and IT.
Last but not least, we are probably one of the first companies with a male quote
outnumbered by women, our staff is dominated by powerful ladies

Having its own factory Yask can easily bridge the know-how and the do-how .
Doing everything ourselves is really unique in the business and helps
transparency and responsibility. From selecting trees, cutting, drying, CNC precision
and IT programming till hand packaging and delivering with our own articulated
trucks. Not to forget our well-equipped steel and upholstery departments.